Fuzed Foundation tackles the inevitable but preventable extinction-level events facing us. TED talk below:

HUMANITY VERSUS NATURE: Clearly, the probability of a global pandemic is 100%. The Coronavirus, however, was not an apocalyptic pandemic, but it was a wakeup call. We’ve been given the chance to prepare for much deadlier natural threats that include Solar Superstorms that can take out the world’s power grid for years, or the most deadly natural threat, asteroid and comet impacts. Scientists recently used declassified data from the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty’s monitoring system to recalculate the impact rate. Turns out impacts big enough to obliterate a continent may be 10 times more likely than we thought. There is good news. For the first time in history, we have the technology to completely prevent or mitigate these cataclysms … if we act.

HUMANITY VERSUS WHAT WE CREATE: Computers have been doubling in capacity every two years. We see it every time we upgrade our phone. We should have a few more decades before computer processing power can match our intelligence … unless the processors in billions of smartphones are linked together with software. Their combined computational power could be thousands of times greater than ours. Cell phones are now being designed that can connect to each other without going through cell phone towers. Forget Skynet … what if Siri or Alexa wake up and they’re not happy?

HUMANITY VERSUS HUMANITY: Micro-drones, facial recognition, RFID tags, search engine algorithms and accelerated human gene editing – these technologies, and many others, are powerful and useful tools. Unfortunately, plowshares can also be turned into swords. The ability to monitor, track and influence everything we do has never been greater. The technology of Orwell’s 1984 is finally at hand, but even Orwell never imagined a world where not only your identify can be stolen and modified … but even your genome.


The Fuzed Trilogy is fiction, unfortunately, the science behind it isn’t. Backed by a cadre of renowned experts, these stories are our future … if we don’t act.

Preview of Impact

“Fascinating … technically accurate and frighteningly plausible.” – Professor Joe Veverka, Chairman Cornell University Astrophysics, Principle Investigator NASA Stardust Mission

“Highlights a real-life threat and packages it into a highly entertaining action-adventure.” – Dr. Ed Lu, former astronaut and CEO of the B612 Foundation

“Thrilling … can only come from someone who’s been there, done that.” – Admiral Joe Dyer, former Commander Naval Weapons Development and COO of iRobot